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Aircraft Management Service

Aircraft managment is a highly misunderstood term to those that are not affliated with aircraft or have not fully immersed themselves in the aircraft industry. The term "Aircraft Management" is often thought of as the check the aircraft to see that it has fuel for the flight, to make sure the tires are aired up and the windshield is clean ~ but this is the farthest from the complete truth. Your aircraft is a highly valueable asset and requires daily vigilance to maintain that status. This vigilance is to insure the highest quality for safety, efficiency to a  professional level and to bring the highest return possible for the clients return on the dollars invested in the aircraft.


Why would you want less for an aircraft than that?




Aircraft Managment Fees:



The cost to manage an aircraft varies widely on the complexity of the aircraft and on how high the usage is daily, monthly and annually. Below, we have outlined a few of the key items that are convered in the monthly management fee:


  • Aircraft flight scheduling
  • Aircraft Maintenance scheduling
  • Required Maps, Charts and Publications
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Aircraft Hanger Rent
  • Aircraft Fuel
  • Aircraft Cleaning ~ Cleaned after each flight returns to home base