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Aerial Predator Management

    On any given day, Texas is home to an estimated Two to Four million feral hogs, about 50% of all the feral hogs in the U.S. From the panhandle to the gulf coast region & from the southwest to the eastern pineywoods, feral hogs may be found in nearly every Texas County.




According to recent studies, about 134 million acres of the states 170 million acres, approximately 79% of the state of Texas, is feral hog habitat. (Study by Texas A&M ~ Texas Agrilife extension)

Feral Hog Reproduction

    Feral hogs are the most like prolific large, wild mammal in North America. With adequate nutrition, a feral hog population can double in four (4) months. Females begin breeding about 8 to 10 months old or as young as 6 months, if their food supply is good. Under favorable conditions, sows can produce two litters every 12 - 15 months, with an average of 4 to 8 piglets per litter.

Agricultural Damage


    Hogs will feed on almost any agricultural crop they find, especially crops adjacent to riparian areas. They eat seeds, seedlings, mature crops, hay, turf and gardens. The financial losses to agricultural producers can be and is ~ Staggering.

    Feral hogs not only eat those foods and crops, but they consume supplemental food and damage feeders and food plots intened for livestock and wildlife. Feral hogs damage and destroy fences, tearing holes in them, weaken fence poles and wires ~ allowing livestock to wander and get lost. All of this results in one thing and one thing ONLY ~ Lost revenue!

Aerial Hunting

    With the proper permits and licenses, which Quality Aircraft has in place, aerial hunting is a legal method of controlling, or helping control, the Feral Hog population. Quality Aircraft utilizes the Bell 206 Long Ranger III, that has the very reliable and powerful Rolls~Royce turbine engine. Along with the helicopter, we provide the shooter and firearms. Aerial shoots can be expensive but when compared to the costs to crops, land and fences, and more ~ the helicopter is a very cost effective means to eradicate feral hogs and other wildlife predators.



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